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Split type air conditioning systems are the most popular type of system found in domestic properties. They are the most cost effective way of providing heating and cooling all year round. All manufacturer's provide a wide range of indoor unit styles to suit all environments, the most popular styles can be seen below.

Split type air conditioning systems come in various configurations the most common of which are single split (one indoor unit, one outdoor unit), twin split (two indoor units, one outdoor unit) or multi-split (up to 5 indoor units, one outdoor unit).

All modern day systems use inverter driven technology which means the systems are extremely cost effective and have a low carbon footprint.



Wallmounted units are the most common type of air conditioning found in domestic properties. They come in a wide range of styles which are modern, sleek and discreet.

They are commonly found in bedrooms, conservatories and living rooms and are situated at high level and come with a wide range of features, both indoor and outdoor units are very quiet during operation. 

The use of integrated inverter control ensures maximum energy efficiency, whilst also providing the end user with extremely good value for money.

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Floor standing units are, as the name suggests, situated on the floor. They are very compact and discreet and are a nice alternative to wall mounted units. These units offer high capacity and energy savings, with a simple flat design.

Floor standing units are extremely versatile and are designed to look good with all types of interiors. 

The auto swing vane allows the freedom to customise comfort according to preferences throughout the room and the lightweight, compact design makes installation easy.

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Concealed ducted units are a great way to provide discreet air conditioning to your home or small office environment.

They are generally situated in a loft space, ceiling void or in an adjacent room. Air is then distributed to the desired area via a grille.

This is a slightly more expensive way to provide air conditioning to your home but the end results mean you hardly know its there.

These systems offer advanced control options and quiet operation. They also provide good flexibility and ease of installation.

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